2015: Fat Kids Kitchen is still a thing!

Despite years of silence on this site, FKK continues to feed people on the daily. We are currently functioning in the Arizona and Ocala gatherings in one form or another. If we don’t find you first you can come see us at the national rainbow gathering somewhere in the great white north come July. Be there and be triangle.

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Montana 2013

Well its that time again. Big Mama is heading to spring council in Montana to feed and support those brave enough to sit in a circle all day.

In other news the fat kids “facebook” community site seems to be getting some use lately. Facebook is apparently a social networking site that has become popular in recent years. Just remember, this is the official site of fat kids kitchen. That site is just a bunch of people who are actually living on the bus…….anyway now the sites are linked up.https://www.facebook.com/groups/402920023205001/

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Another ocala gathering, another cleanup. We’ll be here until there’s no trace left, then its off to more adventures. The bus may be making an appearance near north Carolina, but first Big Mama needs some love and the crew needs a rest.

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Tiny and Big Mama, packed to the gills with gear in the Tennessee forets

Howdy folks. Sorry for the lack of updates in the past 18 months or so. Our bad. We now have two beautiful busses (Big Mama and Tiny) running around the country feeding and entertaining whoever we come across. Both busses have just gotten out of the woods where we spent the last two months helping out at the annual rainbow gathering event. The forest is as clean and beautiful as ever, and there was even a positive local news article about the cleanup effort.


The busses and their crews will be milling around Appalachia for another few days resting up after a job well done, but we’ll soon be back out on the road going who-knows-where. More updates soon to come! We love you!

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RIP Ms Yes

Ms Yes, after 6 years as a spectical, kitchen and home, has been parked. She continues to feed and keep hippies warm in her resting place.

Thank you so much to the beautiful people who heard our need for a new bus. The universe has come through for us with not one, but two new buses.

Photos coming soon of Tiny and Big Mamma, our beautiful new buses!


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We’re in washington

We’re in washington, getting ready for nationals with a leaky headgasket.

As of now, the water is only leaking out of the block, rather then into the fuel or oil, so she still drives fine, but we lose all the water out of radiator in 40 miles or so. Anyone know anyone in washington who might be able to help us out?

We’re still brainstorming on how to deal with this, and are open to any love, suggestions and assistance.

Lovin you, see you at nationals.

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We tried to go help in alabama, and were chased off everywhere we tried to go. The housing manager of one government housing project told us that “these people are poor, they’ll take anything you give them, they don’t need you’re help”. (so…help the rich people? because…they need it?) the police told us that we couldn’t volunteer without wristbands. And we couldn’t get wristbands that day, because…it was raining. Apparently people don’t need to eat in the rain?

We had all the supplies to feed thousands of meals, and were chased off so many times that alot of the food we brought in spoiled before we could feed it to anyone.

We tried plugging in thru the official channels in one town, and were treated like criminals. We came up and offered our help, and the first people who would talk to us were police officers who demanded IDs, and told us they had it under control and didn’t need any help from us.

We did find some wonderful people in Cullman who let us park on their lawn, and we fed for a day before their landlord came and kicked us out. We had a swarm of children all day helping us out and making juggling balls and drawing on the bus. Gave away chinese food, alfredo, and fruit smoothies all day. The neighborhood wasn’t badly damaged, but they’d been living without power for almost a week and were grateful for some entertainment and hot food. It was really great to see a neighborhood of people out of their houses, TVs off, having fun with their neighbors.

We are now in Missouri, headed west.

Also,-the paypal button finally works! it’s in the “contact/donate” link you see at the top of the page

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